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(June 2018 to June 2019)

> 400,598 Unique Visitors [comScore]
> Over 75% was Organic Search traffic, earned media
> 46,500+ keywords currently ranking in search
> 86% of all visitors North American
> 82% Male
> Age: 25-34 – 26%; 35-44 – 24%, 45-54 – 19%
> Devices: Mobile – 48%, Desktop – 42%, Tablet – 10%

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Hi. My name is Amee Reehal and Traction Media is my small business helping brands & businesses increase brand awareness, develop audiences, and help generate leads - all in the digital space. Focused on content marketing strategies, SEO & inbound marketing, I can increase online visibility (the right way) without spending money on advertising, while employing SEM and paid & social campaigns when necessary. My proof and success comes from - a small, award-winning motor site I founded focusing on quality content optimized for search & UX, currently ranking for over 46,500 keywords in U.S. & Canada, generating earned media and visitors mainly through search. My clients are mainly national brands in the automotive niche though these strategies work across markets and includes white label assets. So please reach out and view my sample work & case studies above. Marketing aside, I'm also a professional photographer - you can check out my portfolio here.

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